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   What is the room you start your day in the morning and end at before you go to bed?
   What room are you most worried about having your friends see when they come over?
   What room is usually the least accessible for those with disabilities? 


   The Bathroom


   After kitchens it is the second most remodeled room and can make a difference in how you feel every day.  When people remodel their bathroom they feel cleaner, look slimmer, younger, better looking and more confident to take on the world... or maybe not.  But you will feel that you won't be embarrassed by it any more.


   From a simple replacement of the fixtures and some paint to total bathroom remodel redesigned with replacement walls floor and fixtures a new bath is well worth the investment for your self and your home's value.  If you have any disabilities an accessible redesign to allow for barrier free access to the toilet and shower can make a difference if you can even stay in your home or not.  


   If you have a growing family or a couple of teenagers you know the logistical challenges of getting everyone ready on time in the morning.  Maybe adding a second bathroom will be the answer to bring harmony back into your home.

   How much does a bathroom remodel cost? Check our Resources page for the average remodeling costs of  different projects or read this article from the Houzz website: "How much does a bathroom remodel cost"

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